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Adele Promises New Parliamentary Debate On Euthanasia

Adele  has vowed to introduce legislation into the Legislative Assembly to legalise euthanasia if she is re-elected at the March state election.  She says “the right to die with dignity is central to personal autonomy and bodily integrity – I see it as a fundamental human right.”  

Adele says today’s sad story in The West Australian of MS sufferer Barbara Harrison should send a clear message to all politicians that enough is enough and in a civilised society people deserve to end their lives on their terms.

 “What are we waiting for? How many more people like Barbara Harrison will have to die alone having suffered so long?  Surely we as a society are more compassionate than this.  It’s time that we had certainty for doctors and patients about this” Adele said.

 Up until now, legislation to legalise euthanasia has only debated in the Legislative Council during a Private Member’s Bill by Greens MLC Robin Chapple. The last time it was voted on in 2010 it was defeated 24-11.

 “Robin Chapple’s Bill should be given another opportunity, but this time in the Legislative Assembly. If elected, I will work with Mr Chapple to reintroduce his Bill, as he has included responsible safeguards into his legislation.”

 “This is an issue where both major political parties are clearly out of step with the community.  We now see that more than 70% of people agree that euthanasia should be legal and yet neither Premier Colin Barnett nor Labor leader Mark McGowan have the courage to bring on the debate and introduce legislation in the Lower House in Parliament,” the Fremantle Independent MP said.

Read Robin Chapple’s Voluntary Euthanasia Bill here:  Robin Chapple’s Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2010


Adele Slams Licence to Pollute for Gas Hub

“The Environment Minister’s decision to remove limits on carbon pollution imposed by the EPA is unprecedented and hands Kimberely gas hub proponents a licence to pollute” says Independent MP Adele Carles.

The gas hub will generate between 16% and 52% of Western Australia’s emissions based on 2007 levels and these high levels are unacceptable.

“This will be one of the single largest greenhouse gas contributors in Australia, comparable only to the largest coal fired power stations and for the Government to wash its hands of this pollution issue is quite extraordinary” says Ms Carles.

“The Government has also downplayed the impact of toxic air emissions for the contaminants Benzene, which is a Class A carcinogen and Volatile Organic Compounds which have negative impacts on human health” says Adele Carles.

“This looks like a case of ‘out of mind out of site’ with Kimberley locals and workers being expected to bear the brunt of this toxic legacy” says Adele Carles.

Adele urges bipartisanship to pass firefighters compensation legislation

Adele has urged the Government to pull out all stops to introduce its legislation on the next parliamentary sitting day which will provide compensation to firefighters who develop cancer. Read more

Adele slams ‘committee of one’ for gas hub appeals

Adele will meet with the EPA’s appeals “committee” of one person, Dr Roy Green, after she launched a scathing attack on the Government’s handling of the EPA processes for the gas hub in State Parliament yesterday. (11 September 2012) Read more

Super trawler Margiris a threat to sustainability

Adele added her voice to a rally in Fremantle on the weekend, opposing the impending arrival of the Super Trawler Margiris. Read more

Appeals Process For James Price Point Just Lip Service

Adele has accused the State Government of paying lip service only to the appeals process for James Price Point, with Minister Marmion’s  announcement  of Dr Roy Green being appointed as “an appeals committee.”      09 08 2012 Broome Advertiser    Read more

Adele Lodges Appeal Against EPA Report on James Price Point

Adele has lodged an appeal against the recommendations of the EPA to allow the Browse Liquefied Natural Gas Precinct at James Price Point near Broome in WA.

Adele Slams Decision To Allow Export Of Lead Through Fremantle

Adele has slammed the decision by Environment Minister Bill Marmion to allow Magellan Metals to export their lead carbonate concentrate through Fremantle Port. Read more

Rejection of Bauxite Exploration Permits Welcomed

Adele has welcomed the Western Australian Mining Warden’s recommendation that three licence applications for bauxite exploration south of Bridgetown by Bauxite Resources be rejected. Read more

Mental Health Review Shows Serious Deficiencies

Adele is disturbed at the findings of the Chief Psychiatrist into Fremantle Hospital’s mental health practices. Read more

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