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Supporting Wave Power

Adele Carles at the Carnegie facility at Rous Head, Fremantle Port, with Managing Director Michael Ottaviano and Government MPs.

I urge our Federal and State Governments to support the development of wave power in Fremantle, so that this clean energy can be imported into our grid. This is the smart emissions free energy of the future and we have the opportunity now to lead the world in wave power.

Strategic Energy Initiative Submission

The Strategic Energy Initiative, Energy2031 Directions Paper, is disappointing in that it presents an energy future for Western Australia that continues to be based primarily on fossil fuels rather than renewable energy. Read full submission on the SEI Directions Paper

PLAN WA – 100% Renewable Energy

Budget an Environmental Lightweight

Green Independent Adele Carles says the Government has missed a golden opportunity for real reform of our energy market, with its announcement today of a net feed-in tariff.

“While it is encouraging that the Government has allocated $23 million to the scheme, it simply will not cut the mustard in terms of outcomes,” Ms Carles said.

Read more

Now is the time for a Fremantle Wind Farm

Paul Llewellyn, former South West Greens MP and Adele at the Albany Wind Farm on 18 February 2010.

The time has come for a wind farm off Rous Head at the Port of Fremantle. Read more

Wind Farm Support

Fremantle Herald (13 March 2010)

Power plan in wind

Fremantle Gazette (2 March 2010)

Wind farm blows away MP

Albany Advertiser (February 2010)

Albany Wind Farm Visit

City of Fremantle – Carbon Neutral Status

MS A.S. CARLES (Fremantle) [12.57 pm]: Fremantle is fast becoming the leader in sustainability initiatives in Western Australia. On 1 October 2009 the City of Fremantle took another step. I am delighted to inform the house that the City of Fremantle has become the first local government in Western Australia to achieve carbon neutral status. Read more

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