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We don’t need a 2nd marina adjacent to Port Coogee

Adele has vowed to continue the fight against a new marina at Port Coogee and has questioned why the Greens’ Fremantle candidate would actively promote something so out of step with community sentiment. Read more


Aussie cycling trek to give hope to thousands of Ethiopian women

Freo nurse Bruno Cordier is a man on a mission, preparing to ride his bike for the 34 days he says it will take to get from Sydney to Perth in the New Year.

Bruno’s crusade is to raise money for the work of Dr Catherine Hamlin and the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia, which treats women with childbirth injuries.

So when Adele  heard about his plan for the ride, Cycling for Fistulas, she was quick to lend her support to help kick start his campaign.

“Bruno should be congratulated for trying to raise money for such an important cause,” Adele said.

“Dr Catherine Hamlin does amazing work in Ethiopia, performing fistula operations on women who’ve faced obstructed labours, and training midwives so young Ethiopian women have access to a clean, safe birth with a skilled professional.”

“As women, we are so lucky in Australia to have skilled midwives who help safely deliver our babies.”

“I hope women will see Bruno’s campaign as an opportunity to give a few dollars so that women in other countries can have the same chance in life,” Adele said.  She will have a donation tin for Bruno set up at her office. 


It is estimated that around 18,000 Ethiopian women face obstructed labour each year. Half of them will die. The other half will lose their baby and gain a fistula and the terrible consequences of this condition

 The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital is the world’s first dedicated fistula hospital, built in 1974 to treat Ethiopian women who suffer from obstetric fistula. Obstetric fistula is the tragic outcome from an obstructed labour causing permanent incontinence and the social stigma that comes with it

There are an estimated 9000 new obstetric fistula cases in Ethiopia alone every year

In the estimated 34 days it takes Bruno to ride from Sydney to Perth, over 46,500 women in Africa will die from pregnancy and childbirth complications

Lest We Forget

Adele joined the Mayor and members of the Fremantle community at Monument Hill in Fremantle to mark Remembrance Day 2012.

Traversing Antarctica: The Australian Experience

Adele with John Dowson at the opening of Traversing Antarctica: the Australian experience at the Fremantle Maritime Museum.

The exhibition is on until February 24, 2013 and is well worth a visit.

Adele campaigns for Team Obama

On her recent trip to the USA, Adele visited the Ohio Obama team to support the “Women for Obama” campaign.

Adele’s show of support for Freo’s proposed plastic bag ban

I encourage you to join me and get behind the City of Fremantle’s move to introduce a plastic bag reduction local law. Read more

Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta Brings Freo Together

Congratulations to everyone involved with the weekend’s Hulbert Street Sustainability Fiesta. Read more

Adele slams ‘committee of one’ for gas hub appeals

Adele will meet with the EPA’s appeals “committee” of one person, Dr Roy Green, after she launched a scathing attack on the Government’s handling of the EPA processes for the gas hub in State Parliament yesterday. (11 September 2012) Read more

Parking fees at Freo Hospital to come down after Adele’s intervention

Parking fees for Fremantle Hospital workers are set to come down after Adele lobbied the State Government successfully to reduce the burden on hospital staff. Read more

Battle For Australia Memorial Service

Adele joined Brigadier Stephen Cain and Commander Brett Westcott at the Battle For Australia Memorial Service at Monument Hill on Wednesday, 5th September.

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