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Adele Slams Decision To Allow Export Of Lead Through Fremantle

Adele has slammed the decision by Environment Minister Bill Marmion to allow Magellan Metals to export their lead carbonate concentrate through Fremantle Port. Read more

Magellan’s lead exports stopped in Freo

Adele’s office monitored and reported the mounting evidence of licence breaches to the EPA over two years. Magellan finally halted exports in April 2011 and placed its Wiluna mine into care and maintenance. Adele says she will only support Magellan exporting lead in solid ingot from through Fremantle, as this removes the risk of lead dust being released into the community. Read more

Magellan Mockery

Fremantle Herald (19 March 2011)

Magellan Not Welcome in Fremantle

Letter to the Minister for the Environment Re: Magellan lead carbonate exports

Lead carbonate is a dangerous product being transported through 22 suburbs of Perth by Magellan, who are known polluters. Read more

Fremantle Port Authority Warned Over Lead Liability

Fremantle MLA Adele Carles says that the fining of the Esperance Port Authority on Friday stands as a clear warning to the Fremantle Port Authority that it will be in the firing line if there is any contamination in Fremantle caused by Magellan’s lead carbonate. Read more

MP Calls Halt on Lead Shipments Until Sampling Dispute Resolved

Greens MLA Adele Carles has warned that the public can have little confidence in Magellan and its claims of transparency following news that the first lead shipment passed secretly through Fremantle in the last two days. Read more

Correspondence on Lead Transport

Letter from Environment Minister Re Lead Transport
Letter to Premier Re Lead Transport
Letter from Premier Re Lead Transport
Letter to Minister Re Contamination at South Beach Village

Lead Contamination Revealed in Fremantle

Magellan’s initial baseline lead testing has revealed the uncomfortable fact that lead contamination is a big problem for Fremantle. Read more

Minister Refuses to Hear Safe Lead Option

Greens MP Adele Carles says that she is shocked that the Minister for the Environment has rushed through Magellan’s approval today, when she knew that a large public company, Griffin Mining Ltd was offering to get involved in this matter in the interests of public health and safety. Read more

Train Derailment in Fremantle

Stateline Interview (24 July 2009)

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