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We don’t need a 2nd marina adjacent to Port Coogee

Adele has vowed to continue the fight against a new marina at Port Coogee and has questioned why the Greens’ Fremantle candidate would actively promote something so out of step with community sentiment. Read more


Sullivan Wrong About New Marina Near Power Station

Adele says Andrew Sullivan’s idea for a new public marina at Port Coogee is out of step with community sentiment and fails to acknowledge the vulnerable state of this already overstretched part of our coast. Read more

Light rail plan applauded

Fremantle Cockburn Gazette (1 November 2011)

Cockburn Coast District Structure Plan

Submission by Adele Carles on the Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment 1180/41 – Cockburn Coast District Structure Plan Area: CCDSP Submission (PDF)

Government Considers Carles’ Light Rail Vision for Cockburn Coast

Fremantle Independent MP Adele Carles says she is encouraged that the State Government is moving ahead with the Cockburn Coast District plan and is pleased that her vision for a light rail transit corridor remains part of the Government’s plans. Read more

Fremantle Chalet Village

Adele Carles with residents of the Fremantle Chalet Village. Adele is calling on the Government to accommodate these long term residents on fair terms, as part of the Cockburn Coast redevelopment.

Light Rail in Fremantle

Last month Green Independent Fremantle MP Adele Carles launched a proposal for Fremantle which will help connect the city, reduce congestion and find a workable solution for the South Fremantle tip site. The relocation of netball courts has now been removed from the plan, based on community feedback received at the recent Gibson Park precinct meeting.

Details of the proposal can be found here

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