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Adele Promises New Parliamentary Debate On Euthanasia

Adele  has vowed to introduce legislation into the Legislative Assembly to legalise euthanasia if she is re-elected at the March state election.  She says “the right to die with dignity is central to personal autonomy and bodily integrity – I see it as a fundamental human right.”  

Adele says today’s sad story in The West Australian of MS sufferer Barbara Harrison should send a clear message to all politicians that enough is enough and in a civilised society people deserve to end their lives on their terms.

 “What are we waiting for? How many more people like Barbara Harrison will have to die alone having suffered so long?  Surely we as a society are more compassionate than this.  It’s time that we had certainty for doctors and patients about this” Adele said.

 Up until now, legislation to legalise euthanasia has only debated in the Legislative Council during a Private Member’s Bill by Greens MLC Robin Chapple. The last time it was voted on in 2010 it was defeated 24-11.

 “Robin Chapple’s Bill should be given another opportunity, but this time in the Legislative Assembly. If elected, I will work with Mr Chapple to reintroduce his Bill, as he has included responsible safeguards into his legislation.”

 “This is an issue where both major political parties are clearly out of step with the community.  We now see that more than 70% of people agree that euthanasia should be legal and yet neither Premier Colin Barnett nor Labor leader Mark McGowan have the courage to bring on the debate and introduce legislation in the Lower House in Parliament,” the Fremantle Independent MP said.

Read Robin Chapple’s Voluntary Euthanasia Bill here:  Robin Chapple’s Voluntary Euthanasia Bill 2010

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