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Carles to fight for Fremantle

Independent MP Adele Carles has announced that she will re-contest the seat of Fremantle at the election on March 9.

“I am standing to give Fremantle voters the opportunity to vote for an experienced independent MP” says Independent MP Adele Carles.

“I am the first to admit that the odds are stacked against me, but a win is possible if I poll ahead of the Greens candidate and pick up Greens and Liberal preferences to get across the line.”

“Being a marginal seat has been good for Fremantle.  The relocation of the State Department of Housing to Fremantle will boost our city by bringing in 800 new workers.  Funding is now finally flowing to John Curtin College of the Arts.  The ISAF world sailing event was held in Fremantle.  Planning is now underway to replace the unsafe traffic bridge, with a designated freight rail bridge to get more containers off road and onto rail.” 

“I have campaigned to keep Kaleeya Hospital open so that birthing women have choices.  I have worked to keep lead carbonate out of Fremantle (the former Labor Government approved lead export through Fremantle in 2008 and the Liberal Government want this to continue).  I have ensured that iron ore is kept out of our Port, so that we do not industrialise our city. I have campaigned to protect our heritage, environment and our precious remaining public open space. Most importantly, I have used my office resources to assist the most vulnerable people in our society to access housing and Government assistance.”

“I believe the biggest issue we face is the threat of losing health services including our Emergency Department and Kaleeya Hospital, decisions made by the former Labor Government with the support of the Greens and continued by the Liberal Government.”

“The polling indicates that the Liberals will win the election, so now is not a good time for Fremantle to revert to being a safe Labor seat.”

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