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Adele urges bipartisanship to pass firefighters compensation legislation

Adele has urged the Government to pull out all stops to introduce its legislation on the next parliamentary sitting day which will provide compensation to firefighters who develop cancer.

She says there is sufficient time for the legislation to be passed by the end of the parliamentary year if there is the political will.

Adele has urged her parliamentary colleagues to put aside party politics and ensure the legislation is passed before parliament rises.

“There is no reason this very important legislation can’t be passed by the end of the year if there is a spirit of bipartisanship in the parliament.”

“Firefighters risk their lives every day to protect the community, and the evidence is overwhelming that they suffer cancer because of their occupational exposure to toxins.”

“Every day this legislation sits on the table and is not before parliament and passed is another day a firefighter and their family is forced to deal with the immeasurable stress of not being covered by the law and adequately compensated,” she said.

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