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Adele seeks cutting edge solutions at Fourth International Ecosummit in Columbus, Ohio

Adele is currently attending the Fourth International Ecosummit in Columbus, Ohio where the theme of ecological sustainability and restoring the planet’s ecosystems is central to the program. The conference features some of the most respected names in ecological science and includes Pulitzer Prize and Kyoto Prize winning scientists. The conference addresses ecological aspects of sustainability but also concentrates on sustainable economics and business practices.
Ms Carles said, “I think this is an excellent opportunity to pick up on cutting-edge thinking that addresses ecological sustainability and integrates economic and business aspects of communities at the same time. I look forward to hearing the innovative solutions that will be discussed that can be of benefit to Fremantle as it seeks to revitalize its economic situation while retaining its heritage and enhancing its ecological values.”

Among other features Adele will be attending sessions that include ‘The Green City lab – Bringing the Ecosystem Services Approach to the City’ and ‘Adaptation to Climate Change – Challenges for Cities and Regions: An International dialogue.’

For those interested in more information on the Fourth International Ecosummit visit

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