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Adele welcomes Government focus on John Curtin College of the Arts

“I am heartened to see that the new Minister for Education, Peter Collier, is focusing on John Curtin by injecting up to $2.75million for new and refurbished toilet facilities for staff and students, and for the restoration of some windows and sunshades.”

“As a parent at the school, I know that some kids won’t drink water during the day to avoid using the dilapidated toilets. These facilities are disgraceful and the sooner they are replaced the better.”

“Let’s not forget that this is the premier Arts school in WA and it’s about time it was funded accordingly.  Churchlands opened its $9 million music auditorium recently, while gifted music students at John Curtin languish in a demountable.”

“With the student population predicted to grow to 1500 when the year 7’s come on board in 2015, now is the time for John Curtin to be prioritised.”

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