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Super trawler Margiris a threat to sustainability

Adele added her voice to a rally in Fremantle on the weekend, opposing the impending arrival of the Super Trawler Margiris.

Adele says the Margiris represents a threat to the values that the Fremantle community has worked so hard for and is so well known for and that is Sustainability.

“There is too much at stake here in Fremantle and along our pristine Southwest Australian shores to allow the destruction that is known to be associated with this type of global commercial fishing in our waters,” Adele said.

“The Federal Government has not provided the evidence to show that our local fish stocks will not be adversely impacted, that our marine ecosystems will not be undermined, that our precious local marine life such as the Garden Island penguins, sea lions, dugongs, dolphins and all the other marine wildlife that depends on the small fish stock will not suffer, nor that any adverse impact to our local fishing and tourism industries can be recovered.”

“We have taken the first step with the establishment of marine parks but all of this will be lost if we allow Super Trawlers to plunder the very ecological heritage we have worked so hard to protect.”

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