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Adele Finds Ministerial Ally for Freo Planning

Adele has found a ministerial ally in her move to modify Fremantle’s Planning Scheme Amendment No.49. 

She has put forward an alternative proposal for Amendment 49 which will encourage revitalisation in Fremantle, while protecting the Port City’s heritage.

Her approach, which is contained in a submission to the WA Planning Commission, is based upon the concept of a “graduated option” that focuses on four priority sites already identified by the City of Fremantle:

(1) The Woolstores shopping centre site

(2) The Gas and Coke site

(3) The Target building site

(4) The Point Street car park

“My proposal would see the development of the priority sites 1, 2, 3, and 4 with the heights Council has already passed, whilst protecting other important heritage sites like the Fremantle Town Hall, Victoria Hall and Kings Square in the centre of Fremantle – all of which have been earmarked by Council for high-rise development in their immediate environs.”

The Fremantle Independent MP met with the Planning Minister John Day last month to discuss her plan, and says she is heartened that he listened to her arguments and that his publicly stated views valuing Fremantle’s heritage, its amenity and its streetscape will form the basis of his planning decisions for the Port City.

 “I also agree with the Member for Fremantle that Fremantle’s heritage issues are a very important aspect.  Fremantle is a wonderful place.  Fortunately, many old, heritage buildings have been retained there, unlike, to some extent, the case in the Perth central business district.  I agree that the amenity of the area and the streetscapes and landscapes need to be protected.  I certainly do not imagine that any serious consideration would be given to amendments that would allow for developments of substantial height that would dwarf existing heritage buildings in Fremantle.”

(Hansard, Thursday, 6 May 2010)

 Adele says there are many new developments underway and being planned for Fremantle right now and the cumulative impact of these new developments appears to have been disregarded in the planning for Amendment 49.

“These new developments, including the Knutsford Street Precinct, East End development, Cockburn Coast, Port Coogee and South Beach Village, will bring thousands of new residents into Fremantle in the very near future.”

“We have also recently learned that the head office of the Department of Housing is to be relocated to Fremantle which will provide a fillip to the centre of Fremantle.”

She says it is premature to proceed with wholesale high rise across the Fremantle CBD without understanding the future impact of the many new developments. 

“My proposal is a more gentle approach to high density development, which will allow for redevelopment whilst maintaining the heritage values of Fremantle.”

“My view is that the City of Fremantle has cast its high rise net too far, without valid justification, public support or appropriate consideration to future negative impacts for Fremantle.”

Adele’s submission is to be considered by the WA Planning Commission and she is hopeful that common sense will prevail.

“I am trying to achieve a compromise, based on common sense that will support the City of Fremantle to move forward whilst protecting significant heritage values so important to the constituents of Fremantle.”  

You can read Adele’s submission to the WAPC here:  2012 08 15 A_ Carles Amend 49

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