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Adele Slams Decision To Allow Export Of Lead Through Fremantle

Adele has slammed the decision by Environment Minister Bill Marmion to allow Magellan Metals to export their lead carbonate concentrate through Fremantle Port.

“This decision reflects the Government’s poor compliance standards for mining regulation in this state.  Nothing has changed – the Government is just hoping that people have short memories.  This is the same company that contaminated Esperance with lead carbonate and then moved up to Fremantle and breached its conditions on numerous occasions.”

“They cannot export lead carbonate safely and the Minister should change the conditions to require this export to go out in solid block form, not lead carbonate.”

“Magellan Metals originally applied to export their product in ingot form in 2004 through Geraldton and yet despite the Government requesting a detailed report into this option as a result of their 2011 licence breaches, the company has failed to provide this report.  Instead the Government is giving them another six months to undertake this work, while at the same time approving their export through Fremantle Port.”

“This company does not deserve such concessions,” Adele said.

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