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Adele’s Plan for Scheme Amendment 49

Adele has met with the Planning Minister John Day, presenting him with a ‘graduated option’ for Planning Scheme Amendment no.49.

Adele’s approach focuses on four sites – the Fremantle Council’s own Point Street site, the Woolstores shopping centre, Target and the Gas and Coke site.

“We know this part of Fremantle is run down, so this scaled back approach will allow the Council to show the community the scheme amendment works.”

Her proposal does not scale back the heights that Council has proposed for those sites.

“I don’t support high-rise in Fremantle, but the debate’s gone past that with the councillors unanimously voting for those heights.”

Fremantle Society President Roel Loopers has backed Adele’s plan, describing it as a ‘common sense approach’ that the Council should embrace.


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