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Adele Encouraged By Planning For Second Container Port

 Adele is encouraged by the Government’s announcement about planning for the second metropolitan container port saying “it’s time to get serious about getting the trucks off Fremantle roads.”

As part of the planning for the second port, Adele says “the Government needs to also plan for an integrated freight rail system to facilitate container movements by rail from the new Port to ease congestion on Perth streets.”

 In Parliament in her budget speech on 23 May 2012, Adele said   

The second port at Cockburn Sound is another issue that I have raised and will continue to raise…Over half a million containers are moved to and from Fremantle port every year, and the numbers are growing; we are told the numbers will in fact double in the next 10 years. This has a very negative impact on my constituents, particularly those who live along the freight rail route, along Leach Highway, High Street and Stirling Highway and around East Fremantle. Traffic congestion is a very significant problem and complaints of traffic rat-running through quiet suburban streets are increasingly common.”

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