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State Government Housing Department MoveTo Fremantle ‘Great News’

Adele has hailed the announcement that the Head office of the Department of Housing will be relocating to Fremantle as great news for the Fremantle community.

Adele has promoted the benefits of moving a major department to Fremantle to the Government since her election in 2009 and that this strategy is now paying dividends.

“I am heartened that the Government has seen the merits of this proposal with cost savings for government and a very positive economic stimulus for Freo.”

“The flow on effects in the local economy will benefit the retail sector, hospitality and perhaps even the housing market as agency staff choose to live closer to work. This will lead to higher local employment and provide a general fillip to the community.”

Finance Minister Simon O’Brien has revealed that the government plans to relocate 80,000sqm of government office space from the CBD to Stirling, Fremantle and Murdoch under the first stage of the Government Office Accommodation Master Plan.

Relatively lower costs for office space in Fremantle have proved attractive to the Government which is facing very high property lease costs in Perth.

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