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My position regarding the State Election

Adele is keen to contest the seat of Fremantle at the 2013 election.

The Sunday Times contacted me last week quoting Liberal Party Director Ben Morton as saying that Fremantle is winnable for the Libs and that the Liberal party will run against me in 2013 for Fremantle.  I gave the following statement in response.   The Sunday Times have chosen to make a conspiracy theory out of it.  For clarity, here is my position.



Independent MP Adele Carles has hit back at claims by Liberal Party Director Ben Morton who says that Fremantle is a winnable seat for the Liberals.  Mr Morton is running advertisements in local Fremantle papers trying to find a candidate for the 2013 state election. 

“I’m surprised that Ben Morton thinks the Libs can win Fremantle – does he believe in Santa Claus too?” queried Ms Carles.

Fremantle was held by Labor for 85 years and in 2009 Adele Carles won the seat as a Green candidate, with the support of Liberal voters, because the Liberals did not field a candidate.    

“Clearly Morton does not understand Fremantle.  He does not understand that the strong flow of Greens preferences will decide who gets across the line first in Fremantle,” Ms Carles said.

The Liberals allowed Independent MP Liz Constable to run without a Liberal candidate to challenge her in the 2008 election and this was a blue ribbon seat. 

“I will contest the seat of Fremantle in 2013 as an Independent if the Liberal party doesn’t run.  To be crystal clear, if the Liberal party runs in Fremantle, I’m out.  They will simply give Labor a free kick, as the seat will fall back into Labor hands.”

“If the Liberals don’t run, I could pick up the lion’s share of that vote, just as I did in the 2009 by-election.   So Labor would get around 38% (which is what McGinty got in 2008) and I would battle it out with the Greens for the remainder.  It will be a hard and close fight, but one that I would definitively take on because it could be winnable.”

“The Libs could run a cardboard cut-out and they’ll pick up 38%, but this still won’t be enough to win Freo,” Ms Carles said.

“Fremantle benefits from having a strong, independent woman in the Assembly.  We certainly need more mothers in Parliament.  I am very locally focused, without the distraction of party politics.  My focus is on my Fremantle community. ”

The West Australian Newspaper (14 May 2012) has also clarified the position.  “Libs’ election plan ‘not linked’ to split” 14 May 2012

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