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Adele’s comments on the State Budget

Read Adele’s Budget Reply Speech

Budget Reply Speech 2012

Fremantle Infrastructure in Budget Spotlight

Fremantle Traffic Bridge- where has the money gone?

The cost of replacing the bridge, if it includes a separate freight rail bridge as well as a road bridge, is now put at $230 million by the Government, yet this amount does not appear in the latest budget papers. 

It gets worse, with the $14 million that was allocated in last years budget for the Fremantle  Traffic Bridge maintenance disappearing.

“How can this Government talk about road safety and snatch away $14 million in future maintenance from our unsafe traffic bridge in Fremantle and provide no allocation of $230 million needed for its replacement?” queries Ms Carles.

 “This investment should be prioritised as we are well aware of the parlous state the bridge is currently in, as detailed in the 2004 Engineer’s Report” says Ms Carles.

Second Port

Ms Carles urges the Government to commence planning for the second port at Cockburn Sound now.  “A second container port is the only real long term solution to reducing the number of trucks on Fremantle roads” says Ms Carles.

Roe Highway extension

“This project looks like a dead duck, with no funding allocated for its construction and $20 million wasted in planning for a project that would never see the light of day” says Ms Carles.

Arts –Freo the poor cousin

$428 million has been allocated for a new museum in the Perth Cultural Centre.  “Fremantle certainly appears to be the poor arts cousin to Perth, with no provision for a migration museum of arts centre in Fremantle” says Ms Carles.

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