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Carles congratulates Freo contribution to heritage

Independent MP, Adele Carles attended the 2012 Heritage Awards last night and said that Fremantle heritage was acknowledged in almost every category  “I was very proud to witness the outstanding contributions of Fremantle heritage to our State” says Ms Carles.

 Ms Carles said that “Penshurst in East Fremantle which won the outstanding residential conservation award, provides an outstanding example of conservation of WA heritage.”

Ms Carles said that the “Fremantle History Society received a ‘high commendation’ for the category of Outstanding contribution to heritage by a community-based organisation and the Fremantle Society and Agneishka Keira also made the finalists list.”

 “Fremantle Prison was a finalist in many categories and was singled out for a special Judges’ Award for ongoing excellence in managing the conservation of WA’s only World Heritage-listed building” says Ms Carles.

“These awards show the importance of Fremantle’s volunteers and professionals who are contributing so much to conserving our State’s heritage” says Ms Carles.

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