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Adele says Lynas has no place in Fremantle

Adele says Fremantle workers and residents should not have to incur the risks associated with radioactive elements thorium and uranium present in the Lynas product. This looks like the failed Magellan experiment set to be repeated all over again. We are already dealing with a rapidly increasing number of containers in Fremantle and Adele draws the line at Fremantle becoming a bulk commodities port. Fremantle Port was never designed for modern bulk mineral export activity and there is no buffer zone to residential areas.

Lynas Corporation intends exporting 33,000 tonnes per annum of Rare Earth concentrate from its Mount Weld mine near Laverton, by trucking it to Fremantle and then shipping it to the town of Kuantan on the east coast of Malaysia for refining.

The mine is expected to operate for at least 20 years. The Rare Earth ores are higher in radioactivity than normal soils and typically contain low levels of radioactive elements thorium and uranium.

Carles says Lynas has no place in Fremantle

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