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Prioritise Traffic Bridge Replacement: Carles

Fremantle Independent MP Adele Carles has called on the State Government to prioritise funding in the upcoming budget for the replacement of the Fremantle Traffic Bridge.

$2.5 million was allocated in last year’s budget to investigate the need for a new bridge but Ms Carles says the Government must now allocate funds for work to begin on a replacement bridge that includes a separate freight rail bridge as well as a road bridge.

“At current annual growth rates of 6-8%, the capacity of the Fremantle Port could double in the next 10 years. This means double the trade at the Port, double the container movements and double the truck movements on our Fremantle streets.”

“I have long advocated a shift of freight containers from trucks to rail so I call on the Government to incorporate a separate dedicated freight rail bridge as part of its plan for replacing the Fremantle Traffic Bridge.”

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