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Chickens Coming Home to Roost on DAPs

My warnings about the new Development Assessment Panels for future Fremantle developments are falling on deaf Council ears.  

On July 27 2011, I wrote to all Fremantle Councillors warning them they would be badly underestimating the power and role of the DAP if they proceeded with Planning Scheme Amendment 49.

Now the chickens are already coming home to roost, with the DAP setting aside a decision by the City of Bayswater which had refused planning permission for a development.

Instead, the DAP unanimously approved the planning permission for a development which it acknowledged was sub-standard.

Although that development only met the bare minimum requirements, the DAP was able to pass it and the community is now left to rue a sub-standard $7 million development that was wanted neither by the City of Bayswater nor its residents with no appeal rights for the Council.

The DAP allowed for lowest common denominator development and the City of Fremantle should look at this new evidence and listen to warnings that they will court similar trouble unless they ensure a robust and highly prescriptive LPS4.

It’s not too late for the City of Fremantle to reconsider its position tonight, to tighten its scheme dramatically, so as to avoid Fremantle being subjected to sub-standard DAP decisions in the future.

Background for the DAPs

Ivoted against this DAP legislation in the Lower House on 6 May 2010, despite both the Liberal government and the Labor party supporting it.  Iwarned that the “legislation would undermine the democratic process of locally elected governments” and provided examples from my own Fremantle electorate on how this could play out.

The five member DAPs is now the independent decision maker for development proposals valued at more than $7 million, and it is only required to make decisions in accordance with the existing planning framework.

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