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Carles Exposes Government Over Lynas Safety Guarantees

Fremantle Independent MP Adele Carles says the Government has been caught out trying to defend Lynas Corporation over the safety of its plan to transport radioactive rare earths through Fremantle.

Ms Carles says the Minister for Mines, Norman Moore, was asked several times yesterday whether he could give a 100% guarantee that no one on the route or in Fremantle would be harmed if Lynas goes ahead with its plan to export Rare Earths on trucks from the Laverton mine site through the Fremantle Port.

“Mr Moore was unable to give that guarantee because this product is not safe.  International experts agree no level of radiation is safe.  Lynas’ product is radioactive and therefore subject to a radiation management plan which they won’t make public,” Ms Carles said.

“The rare earths that will be trucked through the suburbs of Perth have radiation well above background levels. The rare earths are artificially concentrated on site at the mine where the tailings are already classified as radioactive material.”

“Even more concerning is that the concentrated product will be 3.4 times more radioactive than the tailings yet this product will be in unmarked trucks on our suburban Perth streets.”

Ms Carles says the Minister should come clean over the reason Lynas is not sending the rare earths through Esperance.

“Mr Moore’s assertion that Lynas made a commercial decision to transport the concentrate through Fremantle is misleading.  The Port of Esperance operates under a licence that precludes them from dealing with radioactive rare earths, so while it’s deemed too unsafe for Esperance, according to the Government, it’s OK to expose the people of Fremantle to that risk,” the Fremantle Independent said.

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