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John Curtin Upgrade Needed Now Ahead of Year Seven Intake

Fremantle Independent MP Adele Carles says John Curtin College of the Arts needs an injection of funding now if it’s to be ready for the inclusion of year seven students in 2015.

The Government has announced its decision to move year 7 students into secondary students in 2015, which Ms Carles says will have major implications for John Curtin’s already substandard facilities.

The Fremantle Independent says even before this announcement, she wrote to the Education Minister, Dr Elizabeth Constable, urging her to support an allocation of funding in the next budget.

“I have sought a meeting with the Education Minister to discuss an upgrade for John Curtin College which is even more urgent given the decision to transfer year seven students from primary to secondary school,” Ms Carles said.

“An extensive overhaul of John Curtin’s educational facilities is desperately needed at the school. The buildings were constructed in the 1950s and were never designed for the high technology requirements of modern education.”

“This already unacceptable situation is only going to worsen with the addition of an extra year seven cohort at the school.”

The Fremantle Independent MP says the Government maintains it is committed to ensuring the future success of children and a quality education, but the proof of that will be for work to begin now on a major upgrade at John Curtin College.

“For John Curtin to be ready to meet the challenge of an extra year group, planning must start now to ensure these specialist facilities needed to deliver a quality education are in place for 2015,” Ms Carles said.

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