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Government Considers Carles’ Light Rail Vision for Cockburn Coast

Fremantle Independent MP Adele Carles says she is encouraged that the State Government is moving ahead with the Cockburn Coast District plan and is pleased that her vision for a light rail transit corridor remains part of the Government’s plans.
The Government has released a Masterplan for the 140 hectare project, south of Fremantle, which will link South Beach to the Port Coogee estate, and will involve the renewal of the South Fremantle Power Station.
Ms Carles says her proposal (announced last year) for a light rail line along Hampton Road which would act as a southern feeder line for residents to the east and south of Fremantle, is needed more than ever to accommodate the extra 10,000 residents expected in the development.
“I am heartened to see that my proposal for light rail along Hampton Road between the Fremantle train station and the former South Fremantle tip site is being given serious consideration in the long term planning for the Cockburn Coast.”
“This is a long term solution for the Fremantle community which is set to accommodate the influx of tens of thousands of new residents in the decades ahead and now is the time to plan for this.”
As part of the Masterplan, there will be two parallel and integrated studies. One will consider potential corridors, patronage and network connectivity, and the second will investigate the feasibility of extending light rail through the former Fremantle tip site or along Hampton Road.

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