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CBD Heights

“I am concerned that Fremantle Council has underestimated the power and role of the new Development Assessment Panel (DAP) for future Fremantle developments. It is my commitment to Fremantle Council being the decision maker for Fremantle development that led me to vote against this DAP legislation in Parliament on 6 May 2010, despite both the Liberal Government and the Opposition (Labor party) supporting it. It was clear to me that the City of Fremantle would effectively be sidelined from the decision making process for important Fremantle developments. Now that this has become law, the best insurance for Fremantle is a robust and highly prescriptive LPS4, as this is the only way for the Council to guide the DAP. The provision of discretion for a sensitive issue like CBD heights is courting future trouble in my view.”

Adele Carles MLA warned all Fremantle Councillors against providing discretion in their planning laws for CBD heights. Click here to see the letter she sent all councillors.

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