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Live Animal Exports

I am absolutely appalled at the barbaric treatment and slaughter of cattle at Indonesian abattoirs and at references to further animal abuse at abattoirs in Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait. I am heartened to see that the Federal Government has acted today to suspend live exports to Indonesia until the slaughter houses can prove that the animals can be treated humanely.

I totally oppose the live animal export trade. In fact I spoke out against it in my first parliamentary speech. As the Member for Fremantle I am keenly aware of the trade due to the export of live sheep and cattle from Fremantle Port on a regular basis. I believe that there should be a total ban on the live export trade and I will continue to speak out about this.

You may be interested in attending the Stop Live Exports fundraising quiz night which is being held in the Fremantle Town Hall on 16th July.

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