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Current Status of High Street Upgrade

I am aware that this is a contentious issue, as many affected residents and stakeholders have raised this with me over the last two years. Ideally, I would like to see containers on freight rail lines, not roads. However the Government is not offering this and so I am dealing with what is on the table, namely the High Street upgrade. By way of update, I can advise you as follows:

(1) Option 4 has emerged as the preferred option for the State Government transport agencies. Click here to see maps for options 4 and 4a. This plan resumes part of the Public Golf Course, however this option would clearly need to include a plan to reconfigure the golf course to retain its 9-hole status.

(2) The State Government has no intention of resuming homes along High Street from Montreal Street to Carrington Street. However, several properties near the corner of Stirling Highway and High Street will need to be acquired to upgrade the intersection.

(3) I understand that the City of Fremantle may be undertaking some work to determine whether Option 3, which impacts many houses fronting High Street, is further considered, based on possible voluntary sale of houses.

(4) The State Government needs to finalise planning for the preferred alignment for the road upgrading within the next couple of months, with works to start in 12-18 months.

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