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Native Forests

Adele supports an end to the logging of native forests. Now is the time to acknowledge the true work and value of our living native forests.It is only then will we understand that they are worth more alive than dead. Climate change is happening, our planet is warming, and there is no serious scientific disagreement with this. We need to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere if we are to solve this, and the role our native forests can play in this cannot be underestimated.

Whether we are interested in the environment or in the bottom line, we can no longer ignore the role our native forests play in mitigating climate change impacts. 

Our south west forests and the animals that live in them are under threat—threat from the impacts of climate change, reduced rainfall, pests and diseases, logging, mining, salinity, burning and clearing. Diseases such as dieback are infecting our forests and there is an urgent need to quarantine areas not yet affected by this disease. The forest management plan has failed to protect biodiversity and has failed to manage these threats as more and more animals are now facing extinction. The FMP is a document that is showing its age. Vital new information has become available that radically changes the original assumptions of the FMP.

Climate change has led to dramatically reduced rainfall in the south west. In a frightening development reported in the media only last week, some towns in the south west are now relying on trucked water to top up their supplies. This continual drying pattern is having significant impacts on the south western forests and the ecosystems they support. More species are threatened and facing extinction and this new information should spark an immediate reconsideration of the current FMP. The focus of forest management in WA must be on restoration and protection.

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