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Carles Sees Another David and Goliath Battle Brewing for Ningaloo

Independent Fremantle MP Adele Carles says she is furious about a proposal by oil giant Shell to drill for oil and gas just 50 kilometres from Ningaloo Marine Park.

“The Government should say no right now to this outrageous proposal, to avoid years of community stress, uncertainty and heartache if this proposal gets legs. We are tired of these David and Goliath battles, where local people making a stand for the environment are pitted against big corporations” Ms Carles said.

Ms Carles was speaking out after attending a fundraiser at Margaret River on Saturday to continue the fight against a proposed coal mine in the pristine wine and tourism region.

She says a pattern has developed in Western Australia where short term decisions are being taken without looking at the long term risk to our unique natural environment.

“We are being sold out for a few corporate dollars and the public have had enough. We risk throwing the baby out with the bathwater if we give up our precious places like Ningaloo and Margaret River.”

The Fremantle MLA was photographed snapping up a painting from well-known Fremantle artist George Haynes at the no coal fundraiser art auction (and is joined by Fremantle girls Ginger, Scarlet and Ella in the photo.)

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