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No New Coal Petition/Rally

Safe Climate Perth are inviting supporters of their “No New Coal” campaign to gather on the steps of WA parliament house at 8:30am this Thursday 24th February with banners and placards. At 9am supporters can go into the public gallery for the formal presentation of the petition.

The petition calls on the Legislative Assembly to:
1. Establish as policy that there be no further expansion of coal infrastructure (including coal mines, coal-fired power stations or port/rail facilities dedicated to coal transport) in WA;
2. Cancel the approval given to new or refurbished coal-fired power stations (Muja A&B, Bluewaters 3&4, Coolimba) and refuse approval of the Perdaman proposed coal-to-urea plant;
3. Ensure that Verve Energy, which is government-owned, uses only renewable energy sources to supply new power needs;
4. Embark on a massive and immediate development of publicly owned renewable energy infrastructure (including wind and concentrating solar thermal); and
5. Ensure that workers in coal communities have priority access to new jobs in renewable energy with equivalent pay and conditions.

If you are free Thursday morning, please make the time to come and show your support for WA taking these first steps to stop the expansion of our greenhouse gas emissions.

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