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Arcadia Forest in Carles’ sights for National Park Protection

Fremantle MLA Adele Carles has called on the State Government to put a halt to any further logging of the Arcadia forest near Bunbury, in a bid to save a rare colony of mainland quokka that live there.

The 270 hectare coupe 3 of the Arcadia Forest Block is scheduled for imminent logging.

“This block is of high conservation value, forming part of the Wellington Dam catchment that is an important eco-corridor and home to the mainland quokka,” Ms Carles said.

“With the impacts of climate change and the alarming loss of biodiversity being experienced, now is the time to save this coupe from logging.”

Ms Carles travelled to the Arcadia Forest on Sunday, at the invitation of the Preston Environment Group, to highlight the imminent threat logging poses to the rare fauna habitat, particularly the quokka.

Ms Carles joined locals in tying yellow ribbons to the trees in a symbolic gesture against logging.

“The Arcadia native forest provides a home for a small colony of mainland quokka, a protected species. Logging Arcadia would wipe them out as well as threatening the biodiversity of the area,” Ms Carles said.

“I call on the Minister for Forestry, Terry Redman, to call a halt to logging in Arcadia forest. This forest should be incorporated as part of the adjacent Wellington National Park, for future generations to enjoy.”

For further information about the campaign contact the Preston Environment Group

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