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Audit findings at Cockburn Sound are a cause for alarm

Independent MP Adele Carles says the Auditor General’s findings on Cockburn Sound released yesterday are alarming.

“The Auditor General has identified serious regulatory failure leading to errors and inconsistencies in reporting and a failure to act to protect Cockburn Sound. The EPA and the DEC are in the firing line again,” Ms Carles said.

“We are losing control of our environmental regulation in WA and if we fail to heed the warnings of the Auditor General, Cockburn Sound will continue to be degraded beyond repair.”

Cockburn Cement is one of the main industries responsible for damaging Cockburn Sound.

“Last week, I was the only MP in Parliament to vote against granting Cockburn Cement decades of access to dredged material from Cockburn Sound on the basis that it damaged Cockburn Sound and it’s emissions damaged the health of local residents,” the Fremantle MLA said.

“Unfortunately we missed a once in 20 year opportunity to actually hold Cockburn Cement to account,” she said.

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