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Incineration plans for South Fremantle Tip

Quantum International, a company that supplies military and police equipment, is lobbying for a contract with the City of Fremantle to burn buried waste at the old South Fremantle Tip. The company spokesperson argued that the technology was not incineration and was non-polluting. In fact, the technology was a plasma arc with gasifier, both of which have been categorised as ‘incineration technology’ by the European Union. The waste buried at the tip includes some very hazardous chemical waste pits, quarantine waste and suspected unexploded ordnance. I am totally opposed to the construction of a hazardous waste incinerator at the South Fremantle tip site as these technologies have had serious problems with toxic air emissions in the past and there is no buffer zone to residents. Far from being a solution to the problems at the tip site, these technologies represent an increased risk to residents which I consider to be unacceptable. I will continue to oppose any plans for the tip site that places residents at risk and ignores sustainable development.

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