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Resignation from Greens WA Party

It is with regret that I have decided to resign from the Greens WA party. I emailed my decision last night to co-convenors Scott Ryan and Dee O’Neill.

My decision is not about attempting to deflect blame from my actions. I have never sought to do that. I take complete responsibility for my decision to have an affair.

I apologise once again to the people I have hurt most: my family, my friends, my loyal constituents in Fremantle and the Green voters in Fremantle who entrusted me with their vote.

Since being elected last year I have given 100 per cent to the people of Fremantle and now, as a Green Independent, I will continue to do that.

I remain committed to green principles – I have not changed and nor have the reasons I sought to become the Member for Fremantle.

As I said in my inaugural speech to parliament last year, I am a mother whose purpose for entering politics is to ensure a safe future for our children. That resolve has not changed.

I will continue the work I have been doing in Fremantle, now as a Green Independent. My priorities remain the same. I will speak out on issues like GM canola, climate change, renewable energies and social justice – about them, I remain passionate.

I will also continue to work hard to achieve outcomes for Fremantle, my constituents. I will press for a Wind Farm off Rous Head, I will argue for more arts funding in Fremantle, and I will remain an outspoken advocate on behalf of the community for whom I have the utmost respect.

I acknowledge that some people are concerned about my departure from the Greens Party, but my ideals have not changed. Although I am no longer a member of the party, I am still Adele Carles, and my reasons for wanting to represent Fremantle constituents have not changed.

I look forward to the next three years. I will work tirelessly and unencumbered by party politics to achieve – I hope – great things for Fremantle.

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