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Brown Backs Carles on Protection of Fish Stocks

Greens leader Bob Brown has told a Perth breakfast audience there is an urgent need for marine sanctuaries to address the crisis of collapsing fish stocks.

Senator Brown said that despite being home to a far greater level of unique species than the Great Barrier Reef, only 1% of WA’s southwest marine environment from Eucla to Kalbarri is protected and far more is needed.

The call follows Fremantle MP Adele Carles’ stand on protecting the fishery.

“Marine sanctuaries would protect marine habitats and biodiversity for future generations and also create a sustainable fishing stock for the future,” Ms Carles said.

“I will continue to prioritise protecting our fish stocks for the next generation.”

Ms Carles said a landmark study, the first of its kind in WA, has highlighted the positive economic benefits of marine sanctuaries in this state, including eco-tourism and improved catch stability.

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