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Latest Dredging Results (17th March)

“The release of contamination by the dredger is an ongoing problem as these latest results demonstrate – lead and arsenic feature consistently in the results. The cumulative effect of these toxins is not being examined. The big concern now is the concentrations of tributyltin (TBT) which is being detected around Rous Head and the Inner Harbor at levels exceeding management triggers.

TBT is a compound that is applied to ships hulls to prevent fouling by marine organisms such as barnacles. TBT is extremely toxic to marine and river biota and has been responsible for major environmental impact in rivers and estuaries overseas. TBT is a highly potent endocrine disruptor which can induce imposex characteristics in shellfish, such as mussels, at extremely low concentrations.

The aerial photos are showing extensive impacts now along Cottesloe Beach and yet testing results will not be available for weeks. These high concentrations of TBTs may well be causing negative impacts at Port, Leighton and Cottesloe beaches. These latest results should be finally setting off alarm bells in the EPA and the DEC. The Environment Minister should step in to halt the dredger so that urgent testing of our beaches can take place.”

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