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Moore River – Housing Lots South of Estuary

Extract from Hansard – March 10th 2010

MS A.S. CARLES (Fremantle) [12.05 pm]: I have a petition on behalf of 78 petitioners, which is certified as conforming with standing orders about Moore River, another great cause, which reads —

To the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Western Australia in Parliament assembled.
We, the undersigned, say that the announcement by the Minister for Planning on 9 June, 2009, to approve of the development of 2,000 housing lots on the south side of the Moore River Estuary, is contrary to the findings of the Gingin Coast Structure Plan and to the view that has been consistently and strongly put forward by the community since 1995.
Now we ask that the Legislative Assembly recommend that the land adjoining the proposed Wilbinga Conservation Park which is subject to the Moore River Company’s plans, be:
1. purchased by the Government at a fair price to the landowner;
2. be managed in perpetuity for the benefit of the whole community, for the protection of the estuary of the Moore River;
3. purchased to stop suburban Perth sprawling to the Moore River and beyond; and
4. saved from any form of urban development so that Western Australian tax payers are not forced to contribute to or subsidise the massive infrastructure costs (roads, bridges, sewerage, water supply, electricity supply) that would be caused by a development at the extreme outer limits of the city ).
We make this request because of the unique aesthetic and environmental features which this area contributes towards the natural capital of Western Australia.

[See paper 242.]

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