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Carles Calls for Deferral of Fremantle Dredging

Member for Fremantle, Adele Carles has made an urgent call for the controversial Fremantle Port dredging project to be deferred.

“Given the new information that has been revealed about the dire state of the Swan River I am not satisfied that the current Environmental Protection Authority dredging assessment is adequate. I urge the EPA to use its powers to call in this proposal so the full impact of the dredging on our interconnected waterways can be considered.

We know the river system is overloaded with pollutants. The EPA now needs to assess the impact of the dredging on the already stressed fragile marine systems, including the dolphin and fish populations. The assessment must start from a precautionary perspective instead of being driven by economic factors.

Considering the scale of this project, I question the rush on the approval process. The Water Quality Monitoring Program is all we have to ensure the environment is not damaged. It was released only yesterday so there is no time for scrutiny. The timing of the release of such crucial information demonstrates a cavalier attitude to environmental protection.

The health of our marine environment is at stake here, failure to assess the risks appropriately and put in place stringent safeguards may cause permanent damage to our waterways.”

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