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Deckchair Theatre

Extract from Hansard – Thursday 19th November

MS A.S. CARLES (Fremantle) [12.59 pm]: One of the joys of representing the people of Fremantle is being part of such a creative and enterprising community. I would like to congratulate one of Fremantle’s most loved theatre groups, the Deckchair Theatre, on an exceptional year in 2009. Throughout its 26-year history, Deckchair has consistently brought us inspiring, enjoyable and challenging new theatre. In 2009 it produced three new works, each attracting significant critical and audience acclaim. In particular, I would like to make mention of the bittersweet production of Krakouer, which remains a personal highlight for me with its brave and sensitive navigation through themes of racism, love, despair and triumph. Krakouer tells the story of two famous Aboriginal footballer brothers who fought each other and with each other against racial vilification. It has now been nominated for an Equity Guild Award. It is testament to Deckchair’s strong record of presenting stories that explore the rich social history of Western Australia. I understand that Krakouer is being taken to regional areas in Western Australia and interstate.
I would also like to congratulate Deckchair Theatre on its very successful art auction, which I attended last month. Many Fremantle artists generously donated their artworks for the benefit of Deckchair. The new 2010 season will include a world premiere, to be presented in association with the Perth International Arts Festival, and two WA premieres of new Australian works. I would like to applaud Deckchair Theatre for its ongoing creative vision from a uniquely Western Australian perspective. I look forward to an outstanding year of compelling theatre from Deckchair in 2010.

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