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Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2009

Extract from Hansard: Tuesday 22nd September 2009

Ms A.S. CARLES: I agree with the comments just made. The amendment simply elevates the container deposit scheme in the minds of the people making these decisions on waste on behalf of all of us. I will take the opportunity to put forward some of the benefits of this container deposit scheme in Western Australia, if we adopt it. The modelling that I have seen shows that local governments will save $10 million a year if we introduce this scheme alongside kerbside recycling, and that it will generate a $6 million a year surplus to prop up the Department of Environment and Conservation, if necessary. There will be a seven per cent reduction in waste going into landfill and a 25 per cent reduction in litter. We will also have water savings. The water savings will be enough to supply more than 4 000 Perth homes, and there will be greenhouse gas reductions that are equivalent to switching over 10 000 homes to 100 per cent renewable energy. Therefore, there will be energy savings equivalent to burning about 71 000 tonnes less coal. There will be air quality improvements similar to taking 27 000 vehicles off the road. Five hundred and fifty to 600 new jobs could be created in WA alone, and there will be a 25 per cent reduction in the cost of kerbside and drop-off recycling. Finally, 41 000 Western Australian homes will have access to recycling for the first time if we implement this scheme. Therefore, I urge the house to support this amendment.

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