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Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Amendment Bill 2009

Extract from Hansard: Thursday 17th September 2009

Ms A.S. CARLES: I move –
Page 5, after line 14 – To insert –
(a) to implement a comprehensive Container Deposit Scheme for Western Australia; and

The purpose of my amendment is to allow the waste avoidance and resource recovery account to be used to establish a container deposit scheme in Western Australia. This is a waste reduction strategy that has been hugely successful in South Australia, and such a scheme has immense community support in this state. South Australia recycles more than twice as much glass, three times as many aluminium cans, and four times the number of plastic containers as Western Australia does, due to its container deposit scheme. This amendment will have no budgetary impact, but it will send a message to the Western Australian community about the importance of recycling containers and reducing landfill.
A 10c returnable deposit will provide the following benefits: it will save ratepayers’ money; it will raise our government revenue base; it will create hundreds of green jobs; it will decrease litter by 12 to 15 per cent; and it will increase the recycling rate of drink containers significantly by diverting them from landfill. A further benefit, of course, would be the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the associated improvement in air quality. This is a very good amendment for the environment and I seek the support of the house.

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