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Planning: “Implementing Development Assessment Panels in WA” Discussion Paper

Extract from Hansard: Thursday 17th September 2009

Ms A.S. CARLES to the Minister for Planning:
I refer to the minister’s discussion paper entitled “Implementing Development Assessment Panels in Western Australia”.
(1) Has the minister consulted with the Western Australian Local Government Association and individual councils about development assessment panels for the new planning system he is proposing?
(2) If yes, can the minister please table any correspondence providing evidence of support from local councils for these changes?
(3) What criteria will the minister use to appoint people to development assessment panels?
(4) How many elected local government councillors will be appointed to the panels?
(5) What criteria will guide the minister when applying his power to “call in” development applications?

Mr J.H.D. DAY replied:
I thank the member for Fremantle for some notice of this question earlier today.
By way of background, the government has put out a discussion paper entitled “Implementing Development Assessment Panels in Western Australia”. It was prepared by the Department of Planning and it has been released for public comment and comment from the local government community, the construction community and anybody else in Western Australia who has an interest in this issue. We seek to implement an approval system in which decisions are made on the basis of a combination of good professional advice and local community input as represented by local government councils. The intention is for panels to be established for projects that are above a certain threshold, in simple terms. The panel will be composed of two local government councillors from the relevant local government area and three professional people from either architectural, planning, engineering, environmental science or planning law backgrounds – whatever is appropriate.

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