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Greens urge government to come clean over Redress numbers

Greens MP Adele Carles says the state government has misled the public over the number of people who are eligible for the government’s redress scheme.

Ms Carles says the Government continues to assert there have been 10,000 redress applicants which it has used as its defence for slashing the maximum payment from $80,000 to $45,000.

And she says Community Services minister Robyn McSweeney’s claim that of the 10,200 applications received by the cut-off date, 5,909 had so far been assessed as eligible for an ex-gratia payment implies the numbers will rise.

Ms Carles said the comments are clouding the issue.

“The Government is exaggerating the numbers,” Ms Carles said.

“Thousands of names were registered just prior to the April 30 cut-off date. Many of those were duplicates or people who never intended to apply.”

“Rather than rise, I am advised that the number will actually decrease over time for various reasons. Redress WA will inevitably find some applicants who cannot prove they were in state care, and there may be others who are not eligible for other reasons.”

“The government cannot continue to use misleading figures as part of the rationale for reducing payments,” the Member for Fremantle said.

Ms Carles will address Redress applicants when she joins them at midday today at Parliament House to call on the government to come clean about the numbers, reverse its decision and agree to the payments originally promised.

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