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Solar Panels Must Come First

Adele Carles says the City of Fremantle’s request to Ben Elton to remove his solar panels is “bizarre, given the green credentials spruked by the City of Fremantle. In this case, the owners have gone out of their way to restore this home to its original glory and they have also chosen to source it with expensive solar power – they should be applauded, not penalised.”

“We don’t apply for planning approval to source our home’s electricity from polluting coal, despite the damage this causes the environment, so why should approval be required for sourcing clean power from the sun?” queries Adele Carles.

“We need to change our mindset about this and remove all barriers to people installing solar panels. We should be providing financial incentives for people to invest in this technology – at the moment in WA there are no incentives for this technology, whereas in 45 countries around the world a premium tariff is paid to people producing clean energy like this – we have fallen way behind in WA.”

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