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Royalties for Regions a Blank Cheque Book

Greens MP Adele Carles says that the Greens cannot support the legislation in its current form as it fails tests of accountability, transparency and probity. “The Greens support the underlying premise of Royalties for Regions – we are not begrudging regional people their fair share of revenue. However, this legislation gives extraordinary and unprecedented power over funds which could reach $1 billion per annum to the Minister, Mr Grylls, without accountability checks and balances. There are no performance indicators and there is no way to measure whether this legislation is achieving its purpose.”

“The Greens want to see regional spending that provides a long term, sustainable benefit to the people in regional WA. Spending should be about improving services like affordable housing, education and health in the regions- there’s a lot going through this fund on footpaths and roads.”

“There is nothing to stop Mr Grylls choosing his mates to sit on the Trust that will make these important funding recommendations. These people do not even need to come from Regional WA – the legislation should have prescribed guidelines for who is eligible to sit on this Trust to ensure a broad representation of interests and expertise, eg Regional representative, sustainability expert, financial expert, indigenous representative, elected community representative etc.”

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