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Lead Contamination Revealed in Fremantle

Magellan’s initial baseline lead testing has revealed the uncomfortable fact that lead contamination is a big problem for Fremantle. Baseline lead levels were tested at sites along the route from Wiluna and the lead readings suddenly skyrocket in Fremantle. The highest reading of 1365 parts per million was recorded at South Beach Village, showing that Stockland has not cleaned up the lead there, despite its claims. “This demonstrates regulatory failure in WA – the State Government promised South Beach Village could be cleaned up – these results show that the regulators cannot manage lead contamination” says Ms Carles.

“These are the same regulators promising that Magellan can manage a decade’s worth of lead carbonate in Fremantle – this South Beach Village experiment shows that these promises are not worth the paper they are written on. I am calling on the State Government to conduct further testing at South Beach Village and to remediate the site before any more houses are built there. New residents have been kept in the dark about the lead contamination risk at South Beach Village.”

Magellan’s test also show high lead contamination at the Fremantle Port. “What is causing the lead contamination at the Port of Fremantle? This raises serious concerns for workers at the Port and for people living and working near the Port. These issues need to be resolved before Magellan starts exporting lead carbonate through the Port.”

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