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Minister Refuses to Hear Safe Lead Option

Greens MP Adele Carles says that she is shocked that the Minister for the Environment has rushed through Magellan’s approval today, when she knew that a large public company, Griffin Mining Ltd was offering to get involved in this matter in the interests of public health and safety. “She has rushed this approvals through, before Griffin could get a fair hearing. Griffin went on the public record 2 weeks ago saying on ABC TV that it would be financially viable for a refinery in Wiluna to be built to enable the export of lead blocks. This would remove the risk posed by the release of lead carbonate dust. This is what Magellan initially received approval for several years ago and this is exactly what the Minister should be requiring Magellan to do now, given that the health of potentially thousands of residents is at stake” says Ms Carles. Magellan has a shocking history, it contaminated Esperance with the same product. It should not be given a second chance. Given the bullying tactics we have witnessed this week with Irvernia threatening Griffin for daring to offer us a safe option, we can only imagine how this is going to play out in Fremantle.

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