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Media Release: Safeguard Rous Head for port operations and boating: Greens

Adele and volunteers at North Port

Fremantle Greens candidate Adele Carles has called on WA Planning Minister John Day to tell proponents of the controversial North Port Quay development that Rous Head is off limits to anything but port operations and boating facilities.

“There are several reasons why the Minister should dismiss this plan for five man-made islands immediately,” Ms Carles said. “They are:

Surrounding the port with a residential suburb would constrain all future options for the current port and could lead to its closure;
The community has identified the northern end of Rous Head as the only viable location for new public boat ramps between Woodman Point and Hillarys and housing is incompatible with boat ramps;
Cockburn Sound is almost certainly not capable of accommodating all of the port facilities without causing huge environmental problems and threatening recreational uses;
Closure of the port would leave Fremantle to function as little more than a museum for tourists; and
The resources needed to relocate the 100’s of millions of dollars worth of infrastructure would be better spent on improving freight transport, rail infrastructure and light rail.”

“We cannot allow a constricting ring of waterfront housing to be wrapped around the port and neither can we take every piece of the shipping industry and dump it on our southern neighbours,” Ms Carles said.

“The cumulative impact of so much shipping could destroy Cockburn Sound forever.”

“Therefore, it is imperative that Fremantle’s inner harbour is made more efficient and that requires the land and sea at Rous Head to be protected for future port options.

“Rous Head has been identified by the community as the perfect site for boat ramps but allowing housing close by is not viable. We know that there is a huge demand for more boating facilities in the region and this is the last site available where boat ramps can be built.

“Fremantle residents tell me that they do not want this fanciful and unsustainable suburb over the ocean but the position of members of the current and previous State Government on this proposal, as well as Mayor Tagliaferri’s view, have been ambiguous at best.

“Meanwhile, the Greens have been clear from the outset – we do not support the development of the seabed and port operational areas for unsustainable artificial islands and Dubai-style apartment developments.”

Adele on North Port Quay

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